Tummy Time Water Mat & Baby Activity Center

by Little Lab Creations


  • ✅ DESIGNED FOR BABIES: Nothing is random in this baby floor mat. Adorable and beautiful floating sea creatures, visually appealing background and engaging water motion will ensure your baby will enjoy tummy time.
  • ✅ STRONGER BABIES: With our playmat baby develops strong neck, arms, shoulders, legs and core muscles. The baby will enjoy playing with the floating tummy time toys which will help prevent head flattening.
  • ✅ EASY TO SET UP/EASY TO CARRY: Just inflate the external ring and fill the middle section with water and put it on the floor. That's all you need to do to start using these wonderful play mats for infants. Also, you can just deflate it and drain the water, fold it and take it with you anywhere in your purse, travel bag or diaper bag.
  • ✅ SAFE: Unlike other products that use foam floating toys that will easily develop mold, our Play mat is 100% made with BPA-Free PVC and decorated with led-free paint and does not contain Phthalates. Just follow the instruction on the box and your baby won't be exposed to unwanted agents.
  • ✅ 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: Our Water Play Mat/Baby Tummy Time Mat and Activity Center is backed by 100% guarantee that you are fully satisfied with your product or receive your money back.


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