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Magnetic Freaky Putty by Little Lab Creations is a wonderful product that adults and kids can have fun with. It is a high quality putty that you can mold, twist, bend and bounce, but also has a magnetic property that you can have fun with thanks to its included high strength neodymium magnet. Magnetic Freaky putty never dries up.

SAFE - Rest easy handling Freaky Putty or giving it to your children or grand children (8+ years old recommended). It is non-toxic, does not stain and does not contain iron filings that might harm your hands. The magnet is coated in rubber to protect it from breaking and it is large enough so smaller children can't swallow it.

HOURS OF FUN - Relax, forget about your busy routine and unleash your creativity with the included strong magnet, 10X stronger than cheap ferrite magnets and 2X stronger than those small cubic magnets available in similar products.

BEST VALUE - With Freaky Putty you are getting the most bang for your buck. It comes in a tin can for easy storage and includes 3.5 oz (100gr) of putty, 1 strong large magnet, 2 googly eyes and 1 nose.

EDUCATIONAL - Our super magnetic putty encourages children and adults to be creative and explore scientific phenomena.

FRUSTRATION FREE - This putty is a great midpoint between regular putty and slime; not too hard, not too soft. It is soft enough so you can manipulate it for hours without feeling your hand tired and also the included magnet can really interact with the putty.



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