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Little Lab Creations’ Freaky Play Sand has been designed to give a frustration-free experience at the best possible value. You will find in this product all the attributes you are looking for in a high quality product:

    • With 2.2 lbs of Play Sand you will have enough sand to bring your creations to life without running out of product.


    • The whole idea behind playing with sand is to be able to build something. That’s why we engineered this play sand to make it consistent enough when compacted and soft enough when loose. When compacted, you can move around the shapes you mold, or sculpt anything using the included plastic accessories, or even build a castle brick by brick by using the mold provided. When loose, you can squeeze it with your hands. If your little one likes to mold, sculpt, build or squeeze, this play sand is just the perfect partner.


    • This play sand set comes with a lot of goodies. In addition to the 2.2 lbs of play sand, you can find 6 plastic castle molds, 6 exotic animal plastic molds, 6 fruit and veggie plastic molds, 5 sculpting plastic accessories and an exclusive plastic brick mold. It also comes with an inflatable play tray, where your kids can play without making a mess. For extra convenience, we have included a plastic storage container, so it is easy to keep everything together in one place or to easily move it from place to place. There is a lot of value in this set.


    • Parents love our play sand because it is non-smelly and non-sticky. This means, no harmful chemicals in our product and no mess around the play area.



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